Space Tweet

NASA is amazing. Why are we shutting the space program down again?

Astronaut Ron “tweeted” this photo from space after his space walk yesterday.

Just remember, 20 years ago, some of us were unloading film from our SLR Cannon (in a darkened room!) so we could send the unexposed roll to the processor and wait a week or two for said photos to be returned in the mail. Then we had to hope that special photo was in focus.

This photo came from SPACE, Ladies and Gentlemen. The photo was taken YESTERDAY. FROM SPACE.

Have we not arrived yet or are we too busy to notice?

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Cool idea for #Dayton tourism

I dont know, one of these might be kind of cool out at/ near #WPAFB. I am sure some enthusiast …not to mention 10 year old pilot wannabes and their lucky parents…would want to stay overnight. Some nonprofit / or AF scholarship foundation could make money on it……I am willing to bet there is an old C-130 laying around somewhere…

What do you think?

1950’s Bristol Freighter Motel on Airbnb!

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‘Dear Netflix’: Gains Momentum

DearNetflix: Even ATT knows how to treat their customers better. And their website has better movies.


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How do you create change?

Changing people’s mind about how an organization — say local government — interacts with daily citizen life. Some will be on either side of a wide spectrum. So it it pointless headache-inducing to affect change in any sphere?

Here is Matt Damon’s take about his organization, creates change: questions by Tom Hanks, new Papou ( grandpa!). Coutesy of Fast Co Leaders’ 30 sec MBA:


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Stewart/ wallace 3 of 3

J-school meets c-school. And J doesnt like “southpark”… #dailyshow

Brilliant work, Jon. Comedy = good.
Unfair, ideological = bad. Wallace got you on the last point, tho, trying to tell you he was not bringing his ideology into the interview with you.

Which was precisely your (salient) point, Jon.

Talking heads should never debate comedians. Silly anchors.

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Stewart/ Wallce 2 of 3

Excellent point about lazy news reporting! With 24 hours to fill, we rarely see the five w’s of j-school. #dailyshow

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Brilliant Stewart/wallace interview Part 1 of 3

Wallace with guns blazing..another fair and balanced interview! #dailyshow

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