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The Classic Typewriter Page :: Antique Typewriters

BBO wonders if typewriter professor likes or dislikes to Tweet. After all, all three letters for the word “tweet” can be typed with by left hand, or…thumb. And all letters in the word “Twitter” can be found on the same … Continue reading

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Healthcare: not rocket science

Look both ways, wash your hands, hold the door, say thank you. Common sense leadership, courtesy of Mom. Mothers, grandmothers, yentas and papous (“grandfather” in Greek) will also tell you that you need your sleep or you won’t be any … Continue reading

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Space Tweet

NASA is amazing. Why are we shutting the space program down again? Astronaut Ron “tweeted” this photo from space after his space walk yesterday. Just remember, 20 years ago, some of us were unloading film from our SLR Cannon (in … Continue reading

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Stewart/ wallace 3 of 3

J-school meets c-school. And J doesnt like “southpark”… #dailyshow Brilliant work, Jon. Comedy = good. Unfair, ideological = bad. Wallace got you on the last point, tho, trying to tell you he was not bringing his ideology into the interview … Continue reading

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Stewart/ Wallce 2 of 3

Excellent point about lazy news reporting! With 24 hours to fill, we rarely see the five w’s of j-school. #dailyshow

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Brilliant Stewart/wallace interview Part 1 of 3

Wallace with guns blazing..another fair and balanced interview! #dailyshow

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Please pass this along for the girls

One of the UN’s ¬†worldwide milenium goals is the marked improvement of the quality of life for women and girls, bringing them up to par with men and boys, by 2015. ¬†A documentary was just released Wednesday on the value … Continue reading

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