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Healthcare: not rocket science

Look both ways, wash your hands, hold the door, say thank you. Common sense leadership, courtesy of Mom. Mothers, grandmothers, yentas and papous (“grandfather” in Greek) will also tell you that you need your sleep or you won’t be any … Continue reading

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Please pass this along for the girls

One of the UN’s ¬†worldwide milenium goals is the marked improvement of the quality of life for women and girls, bringing them up to par with men and boys, by 2015. ¬†A documentary was just released Wednesday on the value … Continue reading

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Best way to help kids

Keeping the school zones free of harrassment is important for girls, but I would argue the same points below for boys, too.

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Hey McDonalds!

Who is old enough to recall the game of “telephone?” We play it at your drive thru. When we ask for a “tote of cookies” we have to explain the item to the employee. Everytime. I guess “tote” sounds like … Continue reading

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The reason home is sweet

Housing Affordability and Health Among Homeowners and Renters. New research from RAND corporation on housing affordability and the level of self-reported health that dwellers had in the Philedelphia area.

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