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So smart! Lead Retailers to Communities with Low Access! Advertisements

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Digital Communications | High Priority – W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Yep. Early, middle or late adopter…jump in now! “A good head and a good heart are a formidible combination.”

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Best Ideas? Ask the World’s 11 Year Olds

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Nelson Mandela Day

“A good mind and a good heart are a formidible combination.” — Nelson Mandela, b. July 18, 1918.

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This Is The Time To Go Your Own Way | Fast Company – StumbleUpon

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Illinois: The New Leader in Education Reform?

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The Classic Typewriter Page :: Antique Typewriters

BBO wonders if typewriter professor likes or dislikes to Tweet. After all, all three letters for the word “tweet” can be typed with by left hand, or…thumb. And all letters in the word “Twitter” can be found on the same … Continue reading

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